Rugby themed resources to engage with your community.


The Engage Media Hub has been specially put together to provide you with key resources in the form of videos and downloads for use during any event.  Initially created to cater as a media hub for the Engage 2015 campaign surrounding the Rugby World Cup in 2015, the hub is now being developed to be a key resource for use by communities and churches surrounding other major sporting events within the sporting calendar.

The hub includes Rugby Player interviews, Short evangelistic talks from key speakers, introductions to key areas of the engage campaign, and bonus footage with professional rugby players talking about key issues relating to how being a Christian affects their lives and their rugby.

How and where to use the resources.

The resources featured on the engage media hub can be used at any event you feel they would suit. Some of the resources were created for use at specific events, however many of the interviews can be used in a context you feel suitable.

Whether it is a festival, a half time team talk of a match, or during half time during the live screening of one of the Rugby world cup fixtures, these versatile resources are there for you to use. The resource linked to the current Engage campaign, the GAME OF LIFE Resource pack, is a key asset for any event organiser and has further information on where these resources could be used best.

Find out more and order the GAME OF LIFE Resource pack at www.gameofliferesource.co.uk